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What I had before was a horse and cart. This is a Ferrari.
This will be life changing for many people
MND patient only able to move one finger

I would just like to say how amazing the Jaybee system is, it enabled us to have a proper conversation for the first time in two years and that was a great leap forward
Wife of MND patient

Hi Jaybee is proving to be a great asset already.  I love it already !!!  Its the best thing for speech for this disease. Thanks once again.
Comment made after 2 days usage by MND patient

My mum has MND and is using Jaybee  .... it is an amazing piece of software for people with this condition to enable them to communicate.
Comment made by daughter of MND patient.

Congratulations on this communication system. With little practice the user can achieve fast and fluent communication. With a few clicks using shortcuts and keywords the correct sentence is available. I know of no system which is comparable in its speed and ease of use. I have tried several systems over a period of 2 years, but JayBee is in another league all together.

Comment made by German ALS patient using German Version of JayBee



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