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JayBee will run on the vast majority of modern PCs running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. We have found no problems with Windows 8 but JayBee has not been extensively tested on this system. Most laptops are perfectly suited to getting the best from JayBee. To be certain, however, check our Minimum System Requirements.

If you are using Keyboard or Mouse input then you will need no additional equipment at all. Some users like to have external speakers in some cases and another often used extra is a radio keyboard so that you do not need to have a heavy laptop siting on your lap.

In the case of touch screen operation then clearly either a touch sensitive cmonitor will be needed either as the native monitor, or an external touch sensitive monitor can be connected.

For Face Scanning using Camera Mouse an HD webcam will be needed, such as the Microsoft LifeCam and the free software download of Camera Mouse Software from Boston University.

For Switch Operation it is necessary to attach your favourite switch to your computer. Our recommendation is to use the Simple Switch Box from Inclusive Technology. In this case for single switch operation the switch should be plugged into the Space socket. For two switch operation both sockets will be used.

We also recommend Claro One Switch Mouse With this software you can get full control of not only JayBee but your whole computer.




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