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Mobile marketing and communications company Txtlocal are working with Time Is Ltd. (TIL) on their product JayBee, to help individuals with a wide variety of illnesses and varying degrees of disability to communicate both audibly and instantly with the outside world

JayBee is a system which allows those who do not have the power of speech to communicate fully, fluently and quickly. Developed by satellite control systems company Time Is Ltd, and text-to-speech solutions CereProc, JayBee uses various ‘triggers’ such as hand movements, touch screen, head movements and even a simple blink of an eye, to transform predictive text phrases into very realistic British voices which add character to the audible communication. Designed initially for people with Motor Neurone Disease, JayBee allows users to say exactly what they want to say. It learns their communication patterns using technology initially used by TIL in the Space Industry



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