JayBee is a system which allows those who do not have the power of speech to communicate fully, fluently and quickly. It uses very realistic voices which add character to the audible communication. It allows users to say exactly what they want to say, not what the equipment allows them to say.


JayBee learns exactly how the user communicates and assists them in saying exactly what they want to say. The more you use JayBee, the more it adapts.


JayBee uses Artificial Intelligence to assist the user in fast construction of words, phrases and partial phrases. JayBee uses extremely realistic voices which speak with correct phrasing and intonation. JayBee uniquely is delivered with British voices produced in the United Kingdom by CereProc. In addition to the voices supplied, any English speaking SAPI 5 (e.g. American, Canadian, Australian etc.) voice can be used by JayBee.


JayBee is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system. Although JayBee was initially designed with the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) patient in mind it will enable individuals with a wide variety of illnesses and varying degrees of disability to communicate through speech.


JayBee allows a number of input methods and adapts to the specific usage of the individual using it. These include:-


• Virtual on screen keyboards (various)
• Mouse
• Touch Screen
• Predictive Text Keyboard
Camera Mouse
• Switches


To see more view the VIDEO or watch the DEMONSTRATION.