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Up JayBee and M.E. A letter to ALS

ME AssociationJayBee and M.E.




JayBee has been a saviour of my sanity! 

I have M.E., not M.N.D., but it is a neurological illness, which in my case, has meant I have no ability to speak for most of the time. I spent a year trying to write notes, with tremor affected arms and hands, which caused great fatigue in the wrist and fingers. There were always occasions when being taken out, say to the shops, when the pad had been left at home or the pen had run out!

I live with my wonderful wife and two daughters, 11 and 8 - all of whom are fantastic carers. WE all share a very strong and loving bond. However, the loss of my voice changed the nature of my relationship with them. Being unable to speak made my limited communication more direct (with mostly questions and requests for things, and no effort available for the personal things that make me Hubby and Daddy.). JayBee has really opened this up for me with quick communication possible so I can join in conversation rather than trying to say things too late, referring to matters two or three sentences prior. I have used other software that was free to download, but this was basically a type and speak program. This also diminished my manhood by turning me into an American woman! The only default voice they offered. This was sort of acceptable (hey it was free) but only on days when my body, shoulders, arms and fingers were in a good enough state to allow this. Here comes the important bit - JayBee allows speech, through various, appropriate, methods and voices by allowing easy use of predictive text. With just a few keystrokes I can say what I need to and do it promptly. There are various methods available giving the user a choice of input. For me, I started off using the mobile phone style keypad, that with minimal input, gave great service by predicting what words I was trying to say. However the Admin Team (who are the best when it comes to quick service that is understandable, informative and so polite and understanding) advised me of the new "Touch" format. I now use this exclusively. I just sit back and use a mouse to click letters from a virtual on screen full keyboard, that then gives me the prediction of what word I need But brilliantly, also a prediction of the whole sentence or question being asked from just two or three clicks of the mouse.

I have the life time subscription to JayBee, and must say it is so well worth it. When you see the demo videos, you'll understand. It's Brilliant. Fantastic. Wonderful. If you have speech difficulties this is the product of choice. Get it, because it will change your life, it gives back dignity and interaction. It changed me from a disabled person, to a person with a disability (which he can now deal with). 

I say this again: "JayBee has been a saviour of my sanity!".



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