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Main Window

The majority of the time when using JayBee you will be using the Main Window. This is shown below. In this case the standard Keyboard input method is assumed (see Input Methods)

Aids Panels

Whilst using the main screen, up to four Aid panels may be shown. These are:

Relevant Phrases, Alpha Words, Likely Words, Shortcuts.

These are described separately and reached by the navigation buttons above.

The initial configuration only has the Relevant Phrases Panel visible to allow the new user to get used to JayBee before using advanced features.

Menu Button

The Menu Button (see below) is visible top left. To access most additional features this button must forts be clicked, either with mouse, touch or the Tab key and a space bar when the button is highlighted.

The following additional buttons appear when the Menu Button is clicked.


Thie Options button is described separately and reached by the navigation button above.

This may also be reached by using the Xtra key button ([) Square left bracket, twice.


This button is self explanatory.


The following options appear when clicking the Help button.


Handbook gives a complete textual description of JayBee. You are now using Handbook.

Online Help

If you are connected to the internet the latest version of the Handbook is available here.

On Screen Hints

On Screen Hints appear at the top right of the screen when Keyboard entry is being used. It shows what keys are available for special functions according to the context at the moment.

You can email and send SMS (Text Messages) or Urgent SMS directly from JayBee This is explained separately.

The Library button is active if there are any Essays within the Library that JayBee feels are relevant. The processing of Library Entries is shown separately

The Essay button switched the Essay mode on and off. The processing of Essays is explained separately.

Main Window