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Likely Words


The Likely Words Panel allows quick access to words beginning with the letters already entered in the Word Field. The words displayed are prioritised by the probability of the word you will finally select which start with the letters already in the Word Field, regardless of the length of the final word. 

Entering the Likely Words Panel

The Likely Words panel is entered from the Keyboard Input version of the Main Screen by either typing the at (@) key or by clicking anywhere within the panel with the left mouse button.
Alternative methods of entering this panel from the alternative Input Methods are described within the specific screen description sections.
When the Likely Words Panel is active it will have a light pink background as below, the help panel on the upper right will also be light pink and the heading 'Likely' will be in black.

Reaction with the Likely Words Panel

There are two distinct methods of reacting with the Likely Words Panel, i.e. Keyboard or Mouse. These are described individually below.


Navigation of the entries is via the up(↑) and down (↓) keys.

Selection of the selection is by using the At (@) or the space key.

Exit from the Likely Words panel is by the TAB key.


Navigation is by the Single Left Click of the mouse.

Selection of the selection  by Single Left Click. This selection will place the selection into the Word Panel and update the remaining Aids Panels including Relevant Phrases. It will NOT add the selection to the Phrase.

Add to Phrase is performed with the Double Left Click.