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Relevant Phrases


The Relevant Phrase Panel allows quick access to already existing phrases. These phrases are selected by combining the probability of the keywords already detected and the characters in the Word Field and prioritising the most likely existing phrases according to your previous usage.

Quick Selection Of Phrases.

If  Numeric Phrase Selection is set to Yes in the Settings then the first 9 phrases in the Relevant Phrases Panel may be selected by the numbers 1-9 in the keyboard.

Entering the Relevant Phrase Panel

The Relevant Phrase Panel is entered from the Keyboard Input version of the Main Screen by either typing the Hash (#) key or by the '[R' combination (Xtra keys [, (R)elevant Phrases).

See Special Characters for more explanation.

When the Relevant Phrase Panel is active it will have a white background as below, the help panel on the upper right will also be white.

Reaction with the Relevant Phrase Panel

There are two distinct methods of reacting with the Relevant Phrase Panel, i.e. Keyboard or Mouse. These are described individually below.


Navigation of the entries is via the up(↑) and down (↓) keys.

Selection of the Phrase is by using the Hash (#) key.

Note. On some keyboards the Hash Key is difficult to access. For this situation, type the Xtra keys button (Left square bracket [)

Followed by the 'R' key.

Deletion of the Phrase is by use of the letter 'D' (see white panel above). On typing the letter D the pop up:-

appears. To continue with deletion type the letter 'Y' or click the 'Yes' button. Clicking the 'No' button, typing 'N' or Carriage Return will cancel the deletion.

ShortCut Creation Typing the letter 'C' (see white panel above) will cause JayBee to build a Shortcut using the starting letters of the words in the phrase. JayBee will find the shortest combination of letters that are not already used as shortcuts and are not actual words in the vocabulary.

Say the Phrase in the Phrase Field by typing the full stop key.

Exit from the Relevant Phrase panel is by the TAB key.


Navigation is by the Single Left Click of the mouse.

Selection of the Phrase  by Single Left Click. This selection will place the Phrase into the Phrase Panel and update the remaining Aids Panels but will not say the phrase.

Select and Say Phrase is performed with the Double Left Click.

Right Mouse Click  by right mouse clicking on a phrase you will be first asked if you want to delete the phrase (as above). In this case, if you click 'No', you will then be asked if you wand to create a shortcut. You have the same 'Yes' and 'No' options.