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The Library function allows extended bodies of text to be stored and then to be spoken one sentence at a time. JayBee will take any text and break it down into individual sentences. The user can then chose which sentences to have spoken, or to simply step through the text one sentence at a time. Text can be constructed using the Essay Function from the Main Screen of JayBee, or can be imported from any text source such as Word files or the Internet. This import takes place through the Essay Processing Screen.

Selection Of Library Entry

The left hand panel of the Library Screen displays all stored Library Elements which are currently available. The right hand panel displays the content of whichever element is selected in the left hand panel. This text is exactly as created or imported and is not yet parsed.

The normal up and down arrows are used to select an entry or a mouse click.

Deleting an Entry

An entry can be deleted by pressing the backslash (\) key whilst the left hand panel is active. The highlighted entry will be deleted.

Importing an Entry.

A new entry may be imported to the library by clicking the Import button or using the i key. This will enter the Process Essay Screen which will allow the cutting and pasting of text from any text source.

Speaking an Entry

The selected entry can be spoken by either pressing the 'Speak Text' button at the top left of the screen, or by pressing the right square bracket (]) key. On pressing either then the Library Speak Screen is entered.

Exiting the Library Screen.

The library screen is exited by either clicking on the 'Normal' Button at the top left of the screen or by pressing the TAB key.

JayBee is specifically designed to enable individuals with varying degrees of disability to communicate through speech. It allows a number of input methods and adapts to the specific usage of the individual using it.