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When clicking the email button the email form appears. this has the following controls:-

Back to Main.

This simply closes the email form and returns to the Main Window

Send Email

Sends the email to the recipient using the email client on the user's


This is a list of the email addresses that you have entered in the Address book. This process is described elsewhere.


This is a list of the instant messages that you have labelled in your Phrase list. This process is described elsewhere.


This is the email address of the recipient. It can either be populated from your eMail address list(above) or you can enter whatever email address you wish


This is the Title of the email.


On entering this form, if there is a Phrase in the Main Window, or if there is content in the Essay field of the Main Window then it will be entered automatically here. You can overwrite it, edit it or replace it with the instant message you select from the instant list.