JayBee is a very powerful system with many features and possibilities. Because it is designed to allow fast response for individuals who have various levels of disability, the way you interact with it is very different to systems you have previously used on computers. You need to learn and adapt to JayBee, but you will find that, once you have done this, operation is very efficient.



Your User Name and Password to enable you to download JayBee will be sent to you:-



Please note that it can take up to 1 hr from sending this e-mail until the account is activated.



To download JayBee go to http://www.jaybee.org.uk/Application.htm and click on the English New Installation text. You will be asked for your User Name and password (shown above). Enter these and you will be asked whether you wish to run or save the installation. It is recommended that you save the installation and run it from your local hard disk.


Your first task will be to install JayBee. This process is the same as any application which is installed on a PC. In many cases JayBee will be installed from a CD or USB Memory Stick. In this case the install should start automatically. If it does not, open the media on which JayBee is delivered and double click the Setup icon. Follow the install process by responding to the prompts given. The installation will place a JayBee icon on your desktop which should be double clicked to start JayBee.


HAVE PATIENCE! The install can take a very long time (up to 40 minutes) especially on older PCs.






During installation with Windows 7 the operating system will request confirmation that it is to proceed on a number of occasions. To those new to Windows 7 this will not be apparent as all that is seen initially is a flashing yellow icon in the status bar. Click this icon each time it appears and a system pop up will appear asking for confirmation to proceed.


JayBee is not installed until you see the pop up with a Finish Button.



Some installations of Windows XP do not have the necessary Version 4.5 of the Windows Installer. This will normally be detected and installed at the very start of the installation process. This will necessitate a system start before continuing.


In the unlikely event that this upgrade does not occur automatically, the upgrade can be found on the installation media and should be run directly by double clicking on the icon on the installation media.




Setting the Voice


The first time you start JayBee There will probably be no voice set for speech on your system. JayBee will find a CereProc voice and set it. If this is not the voice you want, click the MENU button top left of the screen and then on the OPTIONS button which will appear. On the Pop Up form that appears click ADMINISTRATION. On the next Pop Up click VOICES. Select either Sarah or William and click OK. Close the Pop Ups in turn as they become active.





In some cases the initial voice selection during installation does not complete successfully. In this case you may see error pop ups the first time you try to speak with JayBee. Simply go through the voice selection process as above to set a valid voice.



Please remember that there is a minimum system requirement for JayBee, namely:-


·         Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista Service Pack 1 or Windows System 7

·         PC processor

o   Minimum Recommended 2 GHz Dual Core

·         Sound Card and Speakers

·         Memory

o   Minimum Recommended 2 Gb

·         Free Disk Space

o   Minimum Recommended 1.5 Gb

·         Screen Resolution

o   Minimum Recommended 1024x 768



·         The CereProc voices supplied may not function with any Operating System 64 bit in operation. Attempting to do this may cause JayBee to crash,

·         JayBee may run extremely slowly with any computer running an Atom Processor (e.g. most netbooks)

·         JayBee may not operate with some netbooks running Windows 7

·         JayBee may not operate with Access 2010 64 bit installed on the same machine.


·          ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Help Is Available


WE STRONGLY ADVISE that you go through the DEMONSTRATION before using JayBee in anger. To do this click the MENU button top left of the screen and then on the Help Icon which will appear on the main screen then click DEMONSTRATION. The DEMONSTRATION gives a quick overview of JayBee and runs without your intervention except to click the screen when it first appears.


Help is available in a number of ways. The meaning of special keys is always displayed in the panel at the top right of the form. For further help you can use the normal method of pressing the F1 key whereupon context sensitive help is shown, or you can use the mouse to click the Help Icon followed by the help button that appears. You can switch on Active Help, which will prompt you with assistance if you are inactive for a while. This you can do either through the OPTIONS, or clicking the Active Help indicator at the top of the main form.


When you decide to try out JayBee we recommend that you do everything slowly at first. Watch what happens with each keyboard or mouse input. Try the following.

The configuration of JayBee as installed has the minimum set of options turned on so that you can get used to the concepts before using additional features. You can find out about these additional features by watching the Demo or by reading the Handbook also available via the HELP button. We are also happy to discuss these features with you to help you set JayBee up optimally for your usage.



Remote Assistance


We also offer a remote support service. Should you have problems download TeamViewer from http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/index.aspx and contact us.



Your First Spoken Phrase


Type the letters How.


See what happens in the panel below.


A whole range of phrases have appeared which are relevant numbered 1-9. Simply type one of these numbers and the phrase will be spoken by JayBee.


Only the first 9 phrases are normally displayed. There may in fact be many more phrases which are appropriate. To see these type the hash key (#). If this is difficult to locate, use the single quote button (‘) or Xtra keys ([) and (R).

The Relevant Phrases Panel is now entered. It changes colour. You can negotiate this panel by the up and down keys on your keyboard.

To say a phrase that is selected, click the hash (#) or single quote (‘) button again. JayBee speaks the phrase.

You can also use the mouse to select (single click) or say (double click) a phrase.



Remember the magic TAB KEY. The TAB Key is used to get back to the normal input position for JayBee. If JayBee seems to not be reacting at any time, try typing the TAB KEY. Wherever you are at the time.



Alternative Input Methods


In the first input method (Keyboard) you can perform all functions by the keyboard only, or a combination of keyboard and mouse. You can change the input method by clicking the OPTIONS button, and using the input method selection button. This will initially show KEYBOARD on the button. Clicking it once will change to QWERTY. The remaining sequence is CUSTOM, PREDICTIVE, SWITCH and then back to KEYBOARD.


This is just a very basic getting started introduction. The DEMONSTRATION, TUTORIAL and HANDBOOK delivered with JayBee should answer your questions. You can also access context sensitive help at any time by pressing the F1 key, just like any Microsoft Program.