JayBee Is Easy To Use

JayBee is really easy to use. It has many features and capabilities which may seem difficult when first seen but once you have decided how you want to use JayBee it really is simple. JayBee does all the thinking for you. You really will find it very simple to use JayBee.



JayBee Is Easy Fast To Learn

JayBee is very fast to learn. You will learn the basics of JayBee in less than 30 minutes, will be very capable within hours and an expert within days.



Do I Need To Be A Computer Expert?

You absolutely do not need to be a computer expert to use JayBee. Once installed in your computer JayBee does the thinking for you. JayBee has been designed to use the minimum of interaction to get fast results. Patients who have never used a computer before are using JayBee within 30 minutes.



What Happens If I Have A Problem When Using JayBee?

JayBee is delivered complete with:-
 - An Animated Demonstration

 - An Interactive Tutorial
 - Active Help
 - Context Sensitive Help and
 - A Full Electronic Manual (with comprehensive search capabilities).


If you still have problems, just call our helpline, or e-mail us. We are always happy to help.



What Happens If My Condition Gets Worse?

JayBee's full functionality allows for changes in a user's capabilities. From using a keyboard, through touch screen or reduced keyboard input, through to head movement tracking and single and double switch operation. All these capabilities are built into JayBee.



What Equipment Do I Need?

You will need a computer that complies with our Minimum System Requirements . You can add to this specification with remote keyboards, additional speakers, or plug your computer into a TV set, but that is your choice. It is not needed. All you need is the basic PC.


If you are using head movement then you will need to download Camera Mouse Software from Boston University and have a high specification Web Cam such as the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 or Microsoft Lifecam Cinema..


For single or double switch operation you will need the normal switch(es) that you use, and we recommend the Simple Switch Box from Inclusive Technology to connect the switch to the computer.