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Dear Dr Bibby,


Matthew gave me your email address last night and suggested that you and/or Rachel may be interested in JayBee.

You can get some idea of what JayBee can do by watching the attached video, or by going to our website and looking a  the demo and the BBC Click episode (go 10 minutes and 20 seconds into the episode).


JayBee was created because of two people in my life (Jon is the Jay, Bridget is the Bee) who died of MND. John was a good friend and Bridget my mother in law. I was so appalled by the equipment available and the price that JayBee was created. Before his death in 2007 Jon made me promise to use my company to bring JayBee to the MNDA. After much struggle they have now accepted JayBee and have purchased multiple licenses. It is 10% of the cost of the antiquated equipment they were buying.


Do take a look and contact me for any further details.





Throughout the development of JayBee we have always worked closely with users to see how they work and what really helps. This started with Jon over 5 years ago and includes Michael, Andrew, Simon and Steve, who can be seen using JayBee by clicking the picture.



Over the last 5 months we have been working with Steve and over 50 changes have been implemented. These include:-

·         Simpler and more easily read main screen

·         Better and faster predetermination of words, phrases and essays

·         Better ergonomics in use of Essays

·         Additional functionality for virtual screen usage and

·         A completely new virtual screen layout based on touch screen usage.

·         This is much more than just Touch Screen. Steve has developed it through his experience and it gives a combined input method which will significantly enhance the use of:-

·         Keyboard

·         Mouse

·         Touch Screen

·         Camera Mouse


To learn more and get a free download of the new version contact us via the email address or telephone numbers shown above.





Ian Schofield (Director Time Is Ltd)



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